Lanny Meyers conducting


Lanny D. Meyers is a multiple Emmy Award winning composer, arranger and orchestrator whose background, training and high-level experience qualifies him in a wide spectrum of contemporary styles and genre, ranging from jazz to modern classical.

Strange Meadowlark Songs of Dave Brubeck

Here are some excerpts of letters from Iola and Dave Brubeck to Lanny over the years...

The Ironworkers’ Hayride Musical

“From speaking with them, I knew these folks were good. But I had no idea how good. The musical version of my story ‘The Ironworkers’ Hayride’ (from my collection Had a Good Time) was glorious…My deep thanks to all those involved; Lanny Meyers who composed 65 minutes of ravishing music and contributed additional lyrics to the libretto, which was essentially every word of the story. We seek to go on, planning now to add a second act based on one more story from the book, to expand the running time to full On-/Off-Broadway length.”

— Robert Olen Butler